Common Tips on Bill Payer

Using our Bill Payer service is easy. Put these tips to work for you to make Bill Payer work harder so you don’t have to.

Q: Why is the first date I can pay a bill two or more days from now?
A: With our new Bill Payer you are actually choosing a payment date, not a send date. You select the date you want the payment to reach the recipient (biller). The Pay Date is the date the biller receives the payment. If the first available
Pay Date is within two days, the payment will be made electronically. Pay Dates more than two days away indicate the payment will be sent by postal mail.

Q: When does the money for a bill payment come out of my account?
A: The money is withdrawn from your account on the date the biller receives the payment. Under certain circumstances the money may come out of your account later than that, although the biller will have been paid on time.

Q: What is that green icon that I see next to some of my bills?
A: The green icon is a symbol for a company that sends and receives electronic bills within our FREE Online Banking & Bill Payer Service. The green icon (shown by National Power Company) indicates the ability to sign up. The red icon (shown by Macy’s) states that the bill is due. The example from AT&T shows that you have established an automatic payment for this eBill. Consult the Payment Center to see which of your bills are eligible for eBills.

Q: How do I delete a merchant/biller?
A: Within the Bill Payer, select “Manage My Bills” from the menu. Select the biller you wish to delete and then choose “Delete this biller.”

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