More for Our Veterans

In support of the Camp Algona POW Museum’s efforts to raise money in a matching funds drive, Iowa State Bank is pleased to pledge $2,500 toward a project that will help the museum research Kossuth County WWII servicewomen.

“We’re pleased to be part of this project to help expand the Camp Algona POW Museum. The bank has a long relationship with the museum dating back to 2004 when we made the lead gift of $25,000 to the museum fund drive,” stated Bank President Tom Larson. “With so many men and women currently deployed in the military, it’s important to remember those who serve our country today, and those who have served in the past,” Larson commented.

The bank’s support of the military reaches beyond the museum. Recently, bank employees completed a drive to send care packages to a Marine stationed in the Mideast who is a member of the bank family.

Iowa State Bank employs 55 people with offices in Algona, Corwith, Ruthven and Wesley. Last year the bank made charitable contributions to over 100 organizations totaling $92,000.

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