New Year. New Gadgets.

The Christmas wrappings are long-gone on the new electronic gadgets from Christmas. But, what do you do with the old gadgets?

If you’re disposing of old electronics, beware. Many devices today store information including cell phones, scanners, copiers, printers, computers, flash drives, external hard drives, routers and even cars! When you decide to dispose of these electronic gadgets, be sure to either wipe away the confidential information or to destroy the hard drive. Simply deleting files is not sufficient to remove confidential information. A tool designed to overwrite the information is needed because deleted files are easily recovered.

Be wary of services that offer to discard old devices; they may be a front for identity theft.

Dispose of old CDs or DVDs with confidential information. Be sure to destroy them. Many shredders can destroy CDs and DVDs. Other devices may punch holes deep enough in the surface to render them useless.

So, before your throw out last year’s gadgets with the ribbons and wrappings, be sure to make sure you’re protecting your identity first.

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