Tips for Avoiding Service Charges

Most service charges for your bank account can be easily avoided with a  few easy tips:

  • Know your minimum balance. Keep at least the minimum balance in your account. It is easier than ever to check your balance online, by phone or at an ATM to make sure you have the minimum balance.
  • Opt for email or text alerts.Another good way to keep track of your balance is to ask for an automatic alert when your balance falls below a certain level.
  • Don’t overdraw. Keeping track of transactions and account balances also help to avoid bounced check or overdraft charges. Also consider asking your bank about overdraft protection options.
  • Use your bank’s ATM.Use your own bank’s ATM o r select cash back from retailers that offer it to eliminate ATM service charges.
  • Enroll in direct deposit.You will have access to your paycheck immediately and help increase your account balance.

These money-saving tips are offer by Iowa State Bank in partnership with the Iowa Bankers Association. If you have specific questions, contact your local banker at Iowa State Bank. Iowa State Bank is an Equal Opportunity Lender. Member FDIC.

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