Shop Local this Holiday Season

Shop Local First

Shop locally this Christmas shopping season -- and find out how you can get a discount on Algona Bucks!

Your locally-owned community bank invites you to shop your hometown first this holiday shopping season. Local businesses spend their money hiring local people who, in turn, spend their money at local stores, pay local property taxes and support the schools, churches and charities that are near-and-dear to your heart.

We’re adding some real incentive to shopping locally this holiday season…Iowa State Bank is offering a 10% discount on Algona Bucks during our Christmas Open House on Friday, December 2, 2011, beginning at 8:30 a.m. at our offices at State Street and at the Main Bank on Call Street in Algona. That’s $10 worth of Algona Bucks for sale to you at the price of $9! We’re offering $50,000 worth of Algona Bucks at a 10% discount — that’ s a $5,000 investment by Iowa State Bank in our local economy.

We’re limiting purchases to $500 per household in order to give a lot of people the chance to take advantage of this great deal! This offer is for purchase and use by¬†individuals only. Algona Bucks are available in $10 and $20 denominations. The minimum purchase is $10. These Bucks will expire January 15, 2012. Sorry, no extensions allowed.

Remember, there are lot of great reasons to shop locally this holiday season:

  1. Local business owners contribute to more local fundraising and non-profit organizations. When was the last time that an out-of-town discount store donated to your child’s school, your church, a local park or charity benefit? Support the businesses that support your favorite cause.
  2. Local businesses provide jobs to local people — and they provide the majority of jobs in our country. Local employees buy stuff from local stores and fund local tax rolls. That spending continues to fuel our local economy.
  3. Local businesses buy from other local businesses. Money spent at local businesses pays local employees who then spend it again at local businesses. That a great way to fuel our own economy.
  4. Local businesses are unique and give your community a personality.Algona boasts a robust retail shopping district where goods and services are abundant. Let’s keep it that way! If you don’t shop locally today, those same stores that you depend on when you’re in a pinch for something won’t be there tomorrow.
  5. Taxes paid by local business fix the roads you drive on, the schools your kids attend, and the parks you visit.
  6. Save gas. Shop locally — save money on gas and spend more at local stores!
  7. Local business owners invest in your community through taxes and through donations to local organizations. After all, they have a vested interest in your community’s success.

Your¬† hometown has the goods nad services that you may be looking for this holiday season. Give your local merchants a chance to make holiday shopping easy — and help our local economy by sustaining local jobs, paying local taxes and investing in our community through donations. After all, isn’t your hometown worth more than a cheap pair of socks?

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