Sharing Tree Tradition Continues

It’s a Christmas tradition in Ruthven. Iowa State Bank in Ruthven is putting up the Sharing Tree again and inviting area residents to make Christmas special through this gift program for residents at the Ruthven Community Care Center, Assisted Living Center and RCCC Villa.

Since 2003 the bank has displayed the Sharing Tree that features a list of items needed by the residents of the Ruthven Community Care Center, Assisted Living Cetner and RCCC Villa. Gifts are listed by name for each resident along with gift suggestions. Those wishing to purchase a gift for a resident listed ont he Sharing Tree may contact Jan Helmke at the Iowa State Bank in Ruthven. Cash donations can also be made by individuals, organizations or clubs. The funds donated will be used to purchase items remaining on the list. Checks should be made out to “The Sharing Tree” and can be mailed to Iowa State Bank, P.O. Box 249, Ruthven, Iowa.

“We thank everyone who chooses to support us in this project. We urge all residents to help us help others this holiday season,” said Mike Reynolds, Senior Vice President at Iowa State Bank. the Sharing Tree project will continue through the Bank’s open house on Friday, december 16, to allow for Christmas delivery.

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