Dos and Don’ts of Credit


DO know the power of credit. Lenders look at your credit history as an indication of your future financial behavior. By using credit wisely, you can build a good credit history — which may make it easier to get loans with low interest rates, rent an apartment, or purchase a car or home.

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End Summer by Starting a Money Lesson

There’s never been a better time to talk to your kids about money. Before the summer comes to an end and your children gear up to return to school, take time to share some financial insight. The best financial lessons are part of everyday experiences. Look for opportunities to talk about money, read books aloud and . . . → Read More: End Summer by Starting a Money Lesson

Don’t Get Phished

Internet “phishing” scams are one of the fastest-growing frauds today. Phishing expeditions can range from an elaborate website with fake graphics and logos to a simple text email offering a great mortgage rate. Both are designed for one purpose: to collect email recipients’ personal financial details, such as credit card numbers, bank account usernames and passwords.

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Eighth Annual School Supply Drive a Success!

Area residents worked together to present CWL Schools with the supplies needed for a successful school year. CWL Schools Principal James Rotert received the cash donations and school materials for the 2012-2013 school year presented by Corinna Hefty. The bank donated $250 and collected an additional $183 in cash donations along with two large boxes full . . . → Read More: Eighth Annual School Supply Drive a Success!

Your Back-to-School Shopping Game Plan

August has arrived, and with it, the start of another school year. Start your back-to-school shopping with a game plan to save at the checkout line, and use the opportunity to teach your children about the importance of saving.

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