School Supply Drive Gives Kids the “Write” Start

Kool Kat Teaches Kids to Save

Kool Kat made an appearance in Ruthven during this year's school supply drive!

Thanks to the generosity of area residents and Iowa State Bank, kids in the Ruthven-Ayrshire Schools will start the school year with the right supplies for a successful school year.

Jon Josephson, Principal, received the school materials for the 2013– 2014 school year presented by Rose Clouse of Iowa State Bank. Supplies included two large boxes full of paper, crayons, markers, glue and other items including backpacks.
In addition, the bank donated $250 and collected approximately $100 in cash donations. Larry Conlon presented the donation from Iowa State Bank to R/A Superintendent Andrew Woiwood. “The need for school supplies remains strong. We appreciate the community’s support and are proud to lead this effort to help kids in our community. We’re pleased that so many people helped us with the school supply drive,” stated Conlon.

The school supply drive helps all kids be prepared for school. Iowa State Bank is committed to helping kids succeed with projects such as the school supply drive and with its Kool Kat Kids Klub, a savings program aimed at teaching kids the importance of saving money. The bank also held a Make-N-Take Craft event with Kool Kat earlier this week to celebrate the start of school.

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