It Might Be Wireless, But Is It Secure?

A Short Guide to Bluetooth Security

Wireless devices help us move our lives along faster and more efficiently. Let’s face it, they allow us to do more work, and have more fun along the way. However, security shouldn’t take a backseat to convenience, so take a few moments to think about Bluetooth security and how you can . . . → Read More: It Might Be Wireless, But Is It Secure?

Get Smart About Smartphone Security

Smartphone security becomes more important every day as we add mobile banking and other personal information to our phones. It is estimated that there are 120 million American smartphone users, however, less than 5% of smartphones use third-party security software and more than 40% lack anti-virus software. More than half of users do not use password . . . → Read More: Get Smart About Smartphone Security

Combat Cyber Fraud

Learn how to protect your small business, yourself, your family and your devices with these tips.

Small Business Owners
Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses to transfer funds from accounts and steal private information, a fraud referred to as “corporate account takeover.” Criminals use spoofed emails, malicious software and online social networks to obtain login credentials . . . → Read More: Combat Cyber Fraud

Take Advantage of the Low-Interest Rate Environment

With interest rates at record lows, you face a number of choices for managing your money. Whether you want to save, spend or invest, consider your options and choose the strategies that best suit your particular financial circumstances. Here are five tips for low-interest-rate periods:

1. Consolidate debt. With interest rates at historic lows, it makes sense . . . → Read More: Take Advantage of the Low-Interest Rate Environment

Dos and Don’ts of Credit


DO know the power of credit. Lenders look at your credit history as an indication of your future financial behavior. By using credit wisely, you can build a good credit history — which may make it easier to get loans with low interest rates, rent an apartment, or purchase a car or home.

DO read the . . . → Read More: Dos and Don’ts of Credit

Clean Out Your Financial Records

With another spring cleaning season mostly behind us, maybe you cleaned out a few closets or even made some extra cash through a garage sale. But did you take the opportunity to clean out your financial records? Before your paper shredder goes to work, check this list from Iowa Jump$tart on how long to keep financial . . . → Read More: Clean Out Your Financial Records

Mobile Apps: How to Use them Safely

The use of mobile applications (apps) is increasing in parallel with the increased use in mobile devices. According to Gartner, “Worldwide mobile application store revenue is projected to surpass $15.1 billion in 2011…and by 2014 over 185 billion applications will have downloaded from mobile app stores.” The continued growth of mobile apps requires a spotlight on . . . → Read More: Mobile Apps: How to Use them Safely

Spring Clean Your Finances

It’s official. Spring has arrived. During your annual spring cleaning crusade, it’s more than just your closets and windows that need attention. Spring is also the perfect time to clean and organize your finances. Here are some ways to get started:

Clear the clutter. Consider investing in a financial organization system, such as alphabetized file folders. Also . . . → Read More: Spring Clean Your Finances

America Saves Week: 10 Tips to Save Money When Budgets are Tight

This week is America Saves Week, an annual event sponsored by the Consumer Federation of America to encourage saving, debt reduction and wealth building. Use the following tips inspired by the America Saves Week website to save money when budgets are tight.

To find small savings that add up to big savings over time, keep a careful . . . → Read More: America Saves Week: 10 Tips to Save Money When Budgets are Tight

Safeguarding Your Personal Data

Computers and the Internet have become an important part of our daily life, enabling a wide range of services to home users such as communicating with friends and family, shopping, paying bills, storing personal photos and music. This convenience and inter-connectivity does not come without risk. Potential threats include viruses that could erase your entire system . . . → Read More: Safeguarding Your Personal Data